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Daring Mystery Comics 1 (1940) #3

Data courtesy of the Grand Comics Database

Written by: Joe Beck ?
Pencils: Otto Eppers ?
Inks: Otto Eppers ?
Cover Pencils: Alex Schomburg
Cover Inks: Alex Schomburg
The traveling medicine man is selling his "Palsy Walsy" tonic with no success.
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Cover Details -
CharactersThe Purple Mask [Dennis Burton]; the Nazis (villains)
PencilsAlex Schomburg
InksAlex Schomburg
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The Escape of Red Corker"
CharactersDale of the FBI (introduction); J. Edgar Hoover; George Dean; Helen Dean; Red Corker (villain; introduction; death)
SynopsisRed Corker escapes from prison and re-unites with his old gang, having planned dozens of jobs while housed in jail. Ace investigator, Dale, is dispatched from Washington D.C. to Dream Island in San Francisco to try and rescue Helen Dean, daughter of oil magnate George Dean, who has been kidnapped by Corker.
PencilsGus Ricca ?
InksGus Ricca ?
NotesOnly appearance. Prior pencil credit to Joseph Cal Cagno for reasons not clear. Tentative credit to Gus Ricca from the Masterworks. Chesler shop material.
9 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "In the Miracle City"
CharactersBreeze Barton (introduction, origin); Ann Barclay (introduction); Zanoba (a scientist, introduction); Mubahn and the demon people (vilains introduction for all)
SynopsisWhile on a scouting expedition in 1945 in South Africa, Breeze discovers a Japanese Army marching toward British territory, but is shot down. Making his way to Miracle City, a young girl escorts him to a scientist named Zanoba, who is later captured by the Demon People, and Breeze heads out for the rescue.
Genreadventure; science fiction
PencilsJack Binder
InksE. C. Stoner
NotesChesler shop material.
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "Mystery of the Swabert Mansion"
CharactersThe Purple Mask [Dennis Burton]; Commissioner Herrick; Frederick Swabert (introduction); Renard (villain, introduction, death); his gang (villains, introduction); Mr. Bellos (villain, introduction)
SynopsisThe Purple Mask investigates an attempt to force Frederick Swabert to reveal the hiding place of his father's fortune or risk being killed for refusing to do so.
PencilsMaurice Gutwirth (signed)
InksMaurice Gutwirth (signed)
NotesDennis Burton appeared as the Laughing Mask in the previous issue, but is the Purple Mask in this issue and the next. Will Harr's signature is in the splash panel, but Maurice Gutwirth's is in the 3rd-to-last panel of the story. Chesler shop material.
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The East Side Murders"
CharactersThe Phantom Reporter [Dick Jones] (introduction); a park commissioner; various corrupt officials (villains, introduction for all); Max; other gangsters (villains, introduction, death for all)
SynopsisCub reporter Jones is assigned a case in which seven families on the east side of town have been wantonly beaten, resulting in three deaths. He soon discovers, as the Phantom Reporter, that the Park Commissioner, Police Chief and the publisher of several newspapers were behind it all... each having vested interest in the property on the east side, and hoping that the crime wave would get people to vacate their property so they could pick it up cheaply!
PencilsSam Cooper (signed)
InksSam Cooper (signed)
NotesOnly golden age appearance. Next appearance in The Twelve (Marvel, 2008 series) #1. Probably produced in-house / freelance. Erisman was a pulp editor for Goodman.
Powdersmoke Showdown
CharactersBick Deems; Hardwinter Smith; Widow Ames; Sam Hala (death)
SynopsisBick and Sam, once the best of friends, get into a shooting match over a widow woman.
Pencils? (illustration)
Inks? (illustration)
Colors? (illustration)
NotesProbably produced in-house / freelance.
13 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The Devil Beast and the Nazis"
CharactersTrojak; Edith Alton; Balu (the tiger); Sator (a bird); the Nazis (villains)
SynopsisThe native villagers tell Trojak of a strange beast that sneaks into their village every morning and takes one their tribal members away. After dealing with that menace, he then has to rescue Edith from the Nazis.
PencilsJoe Simon (signed, pages 1-9 ?); August Froehlich (pages 10-13 ?) (see notes)
InksJoe Simon (signed, pages 1-9 ?); August Froehlich (pages 10-13 ?) (see notes)
NotesThe Masterworks reprint credits this to Joe Simon but this is not entirely correct. Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. identifies August Froehlich as the artist of the last four pages, and sees his work in some of the earlier pages as well. Henry Andrews is of the opinion that pages 1 and 2 are definitely Simon, but 3-9 are less clear. As for lettering, Simon used a distinctive "W" shape at this time, which is clear on all of pages 1 and 2, which have consistent lettering, but the lettering becomes less consistent for the remainder of the story. Even some of the definite Froehlich pages have what appear to be Simon lettering, although there may be an alternate explanation. Note that this is right around the time that Simon left Funnies, Inc. to take the job of editor for Fox Publications, and most likely had to drop this assignment before its completion. Funnies, Inc. material.
7 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The Origin of Marvex the Super-Robot"
CharactersMarvex the Super-Robot (introduction, origin); Clara Crandall (introduction); Bolo and other Fifth Dimensional people (villains, introduction, death); Von Crabb (villain, introduction, death)
SynopsisWeird creatures of the 5th Dimension create a super robot in order to send him to Earth to capture human beings to become slaves in that dimension. But Marvex retaliates against his masters, and, by means of an explosion, is blown out of the 5th Dimension to Earth.
Pencils? (see note)
InksHal Sharp
NotesArt credit revised from Allen Simon? to Hal Sharp by Craig Delich 2009-8-6. Pencil credit revised by Craig Delich 2010-3-20 from Sharp to ?. Sharp is definite inker, but he has a penciler unknown to me at this time. Chesler shop material.
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "Ali Hassan and His Desert Pirates"
CharactersCaptain Strong [Bob Strong] (introduction); Major Renald; Ali Hassan and his band of pirates (villains, introduction)
SynopsisBob Strong, a member of the French Foreign Legion, is ordered to stop the plundering of caravans by the evil Ali Hassan.
NotesOnly golden age appearance. Next appearance in All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes (Marvel, 2011 series) #2. The Masterworks tentatively credits Harry Fisk, but as of January 2012 Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr., via the Timely-Atlas list, states that this is definitely not Fisk. The heads may have been produced by a separate artist from the figures and backgrounds. Chesler shop material.
1 pages Daring Mystery Comics story ""
CharactersDr. Hokom
SynopsisThe traveling medicine man is selling his "Palsy Walsy" tonic with no success.
PencilsOtto Eppers ?
InksOtto Eppers ?
NotesCredits listed come from the Marvel Masterworks volume. Studio source unknown.
NotesFound on the back cover.
Pick Your Prize
NotesFound on the inside back cover.
Conquer Space, Explore the Universe with this Magic Eye 60 Power Telescope
NotesFound on the inside front cover.
More Information
Product Name Daring Mystery Comics 1 (1940) #3
Characters The Purple Mask [Dennis Burton]; the Nazis (villains)
Series Daring Mystery Comics
Publication Date Mar 31, 1940
Synopsis The traveling medicine man is selling his "Palsy Walsy" tonic with no success.