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Marvel Mystery Comics (1940) #6

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"Revenge For a Blind Man"

Written by: Ben Thompson ?
Pencils: Ben Thompson (signed)
Inks: Ben Thompson (signed)
Cover Pencils: Alex Schomburg
Cover Inks: Alex Schomburg
Coming across a dying man, Ka-Zar learns of a new threat in the jungle, a man named Fenton who lusts to kill.
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Cover Details - "Swinging across the shark pool, the Angel grasped the girl!"
CharactersThe Angel [Tom Hallaway]
PencilsAlex Schomburg
InksAlex Schomburg
12 pages Marvel Mystery Comics story "The Forest Fire Felons"
CharactersThe Human Torch [Jim Hammond]; Tomson (fire fighter); Mr. Barton (bank President); Patch (villain, introduction, death); Turgo (villain, introduction, death)
SynopsisThe Torch must combat a forest fire in order to prevent the Midtown Bank from being the scene of the theft of incendiary bomb plans.
PencilsCarl Burgos (signed)
InksCarl Burgos (signed)
NotesLetterer credit added by Craig Delich 2008-11-9.
8 pages Marvel Mystery Comics story "The Woman Who Knew Tom Hallaway"
CharactersThe Angel [Tom Hallaway]; Mary Edwards; Gabby Harris (villain, introduction, death); Nichol (villain, introduction, jeweler and fence, death); Rocco (villain)
SynopsisThe Angel must save a young woman who has been kidnapped for the $500,000 necklace that she is supposed to be wearing.
PencilsPaul Gustavson
InksPaul Gustavson
NotesThe Angel's true name revealed in this story. Other stories lists The Angel as Tom Halloway. Gustavson credits from Terry Gustafson, son of Paul Gustavson.
10 pages Marvel Mystery Comics story "The Execution of the Sub-Mariner"
CharactersThe Sub-Mariner [Prince Namor]; Betty Dean; Marty (Policeman); Mike (Policeman); un-named Police Commissioner
SynopsisAfter helping clear up the subway disaster, Namor is put on trial for his life and sentenced to death but is saved by the actions of Betty Dean. However, Namor vows revenge for what has happened to him.
PencilsBill Everett (signed)
InksBill Everett (signed)
NotesStory continued in next issue.
8 pages Marvel Mystery Comics story "The Border Dictator"
CharactersThe Masked Raider [Jim Gardley]; Lightning (the Rider's horse); un-named Sheriff; Pete Williams (ranch owner); Sam Marvin (villain, introduction)
SynopsisThe Raider takes a hand in trying to discover why Sam Marvin wants to cheat Pete Williams out of his spread and discovers the land is being used to send rustled cattle through.
PencilsAl Anders
InksAl Anders
The Shrinking Spy
CharactersRandy Hayes; Professor Barzak (villain); Rudolf (villain)
SynopsisA reporter is taken prisoner by an evil professor, who has invented a potion allowing a man to shrink in size so that he could fit under a door.
PencilsFrank Thomas [as Thomas] (signed)
InksFrank Thomas [as Thomas] (signed)
NotesThree illustrations.
8 pages Marvel Mystery Comics story "The Voice's Dope Racket"
CharactersElectro; Professor Zog; Wilkens [secretary to Zog]; Dunn [Operator #7]; Detective Riley; The Voice (villain, introduction)
SynopsisProfessor Zog orders his staff of operators to locate cities all across the nation that are having problem with dope-running so that Electro can be sent to clean them up.
PencilsSteve Dahlman [as Dahl] (signed)
InksSteve Dahlman [as Dahl] (signed)
6 pages Marvel Mystery Comics story "Murder of a Cosmetics Queen"
CharactersThe Ferret; Lily Saunders; Cora Waterbury (death); Dr. Jelenko; Rene Waterbury; Venario; Ryan (villain)
SynopsisThe Ferret investigates the death of the owner of large cosmetic factory and discovers that the brother of the deceased has been falsely accused.
PencilsIrwin Hasen [as I. Hasen] (signed)
InksIrwin Hasen [as I. Hasen] (signed)
10 pages Marvel Mystery Comics story "Revenge For a Blind Man"
CharactersKa-Zar [David Rand]; N'Jaga (a leopard); Zar (a lion); Trajah (an elephant); Nono (a monkey); Fenton (villain, introduction, death)
SynopsisComing across a dying man, Ka-Zar learns of a new threat in the jungle, a man named Fenton who lusts to kill.
PencilsBen Thompson (signed)
InksBen Thompson (signed)
NotesCharacter created by Bob Byrd.
More Information
Product Name Marvel Mystery Comics (1940) #6
Characters The Angel [Tom Hallaway]
Series Marvel Mystery Comics
Publication Date Mar 31, 1940
Synopsis Coming across a dying man, Ka-Zar learns of a new threat in the jungle, a man named Fenton who lusts to kill.