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Daring Mystery Comics #4 (1940 Series)

Data courtesy of the Grand Comics Database
"The Secret Soldier"

Written by: ?
Pencils: Arnold Hicks (see notes)
Inks: Arnold Hicks; ? (see notes)
Cover Pencils: Alex Schomburg
Cover Inks: Alex Schomburg
Edith's brother, a member of the Nazi forces, convinces Edith to keep Trojak out of their invasion attempts, not knowing it's all a plan to capture Trojak.
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Cover Details -
CharactersDon Gorman
PencilsAlex Schomburg
InksAlex Schomburg
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "Busting a Banker"
CharactersThe Purple Mask [Dennis Burton]; Whalen (villain, introduction); Whalen's gang (villains, introduction)
SynopsisA daring bank robbery leads the Purple Mask after the gang responsible and he discovers that the bank's President is involved with the crime.
PencilsMaurice Gutwirth [as M. Gutwirth] (signed)
InksMaurice Gutwirth [as M. Gutwirth] (signed)
NotesLast Golden Age appearance under this name, but as Will Murray notes in the introduction to the second volume of Daring Mystery Masterworks, the Falcon in the next issue is just a slightly modified continuation of this character. Dennis Burton as The Laughing Mask appears next in The Twelve (Marvel, 2008 series) #1. Chesler shop material.
6 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The Zeppelin Attack"
CharactersSky Devils [K-4; Lt. Ronald Wolverstone; Lt. Rene D'Auvergne]; the Nazis (villains)
SynopsisK-4 and his assistants are assigned the job of tracking down an enemy zeppelin that is being used to drop mines by parachute over vital installations.
NotesPreviously credited to Maurice Gutwirth (pencils) / Jack Alderman ? (inks), but the Masterworks lists this as by unknown artists despite tentatively identifying Alderman as the artist of the K-4 story in issue #2 and Gutwirth as the artist on several other features. As of January 2012, Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. (via the Timely-Atlas list) does not think either story is by Alderman, but that both are primarily by the same artist, possibly with a different artist providing face and other details in #2. This story may alternately be by a different artist who used the story in #2 as a close guide. Chesler shop material (based on panel borders and general look and feel compared to other stories in this issue).
10 pages Daring Mystery Comics story ""
CharactersMonako; Josie; Mr. Muro (villain); Tashu (villain; introduction)
SynopsisMonako must go up against his old enemy, Muro, who is attempting to gain control of the Pacific and west coastal areas of the Americas, specifically the Panama Canal.
Genreadventure; superhero
PencilsLarry Antonette (signed)
InksLarry Antonette (signed)
NotesFunnies, Inc. material. Creator credits confirmed by Shaun Clancy and the Comics History Exchange list on Facebook from the personal records of Larry Antonette which included pages of stories he worked on torn from the original comic books (21 February 2015).
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "Mars Attacks"
CharactersWhirlwind Carter (introduction); Brenda Hale (introduction); the Martians (villains, introduction)
SynopsisCarter rescues an Earth girl, Brenda Hale, who is agent of the Space Army, Women's Division, 4th Regiment and whose ship has been grounded by the Martians, and he learns that Mars intends on invading the Earth to make it one of her colonies.
Genrescience fiction
PencilsFletcher Hanks
InksFletcher Hanks
NotesLikely produced through the Iger shop along with all of Hanks' other known output.
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The Spike Green Case"
CharactersMarvex; Jim Hansen (introduction); Clara Grandall; Spike Green (villain, introduction) Spike's gang (villains, introduction)
SynopsisMarvex looks into the troubling case of a man sitting on death row awaiting execution for a crime in which witnesses in his favor disappeared mysteriously before the trial.
PencilsHal Sharp
InksHal Sharp
NotesChesler shop material.
8 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The Missing Airliner Fleet"
CharactersDon Gorman (introduction); Betty Nestor (introduction); Anson Dictor (villain, introduction); Nazis (villains)
SynopsisForeign agents attempt to steal the secret super-charged engine invented by test pilot Don Gorman, an invention allowing airplanes to achieve speeds over 1000 mph!
PencilsAlex Schomburg ?; Gus Ricca ? (see notes)
InksAlex Schomburg ?; Gus Ricca ? (see notes)
NotesThis character subsequently appears as Captain Daring and his Sky Sharks in USA Comics (Marvel, 1941 series) #7 (March 1943) illustrated by Alex Schomburg (signed) with an unknown writer. Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. believes that this looks more like Schomburg (whose interior illustration style was simpler than his cover illustration style) than Gus Ricca. Dr. Michael J. Vassallo agrees that this is possible in his blog entry on the USA Comics Masterworks, Vol. 2, but also observes that the panel layouts in each story are typical of their year of publication, so the later story was not an inventory piece held for several years before publication. No known interior art by Schomburg from 1940 exists for comparison. Henry Andrews observes that Schomburg illustrating this story may explain why it was chosen for the cover feature, but the depiction of a suit-wearing tommy gun-wielding Don Gorman on the cover is completely unlike the aviator character in this story, which seems odd if both were produced by Schomburg. If this is by Schomburg, it was almost certainly produced as a freelance job, as Schomburg produced Timely's covers as a freelancer. Gus Ricca would imply a Chesler shop job, although the thicker borders that appear on other Chesler stories in this issue are absent, making the Ricca credit less likely. Given the mixture of source in this issue, it is difficult to come up with a more likely theory.
7 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The World of Savages"
CharactersBreeze Barton; Ann Barclay; Frenchy (introduction); a band of savages (villains, introduction), their chief (villain, introduction, death)
SynopsisBreeze has made good his escape from Miracle City with Ann and enter into the civilized world, where they are informed by Frenchy that civilization as they knew it had been destroyed by the War of 1945.
Genreadventure; aviation
PencilsJack Binder [as Binder] (signed)
InksJack Binder [as Binder] (signed)
NotesChesler shop material.
CharactersSheriff Holcolm; Cougar Karns (villain); "Mile Away" Morgan (villain)
SynopsisSheriff Holcolm intends on cleaning out the criminal activities in Ambush Canyon.
NotesStudio source unknown, although possibly produced in-house.
7 pages Daring Mystery Comics story "The Secret Soldier"
CharactersTrojak; Balu (the tiger); Edith Alton; Jerry Alton (introduction, Edith's brother); the Nazis (villains)
SynopsisEdith's brother, a member of the Nazi forces, convinces Edith to keep Trojak out of their invasion attempts, not knowing it's all a plan to capture Trojak.
PencilsArnold Hicks (see notes)
InksArnold Hicks; ? (see notes)
NotesThere is some confusion over who drew this story. Harry Mendryk reports on that he showed the story to Joe Simon and Simon was "very insistent" that he did it. Dr. Michael Vassallo, after examining that art along with that in Daring Mystery Comics #5 does not think that Simon did it, although he may have had some involvement, and does not know who it might have been. Henry Andrews speculates that most of the art looks more like Arnold Hicks (who drew the feature in Daring Mystery Comics #5) but some of the close-ups on Trojak's face look very different, and more like Joe Simon's work. Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. stated on the Timely-Atlas list (2010-09-08): "The Trojak story in Daring Mystery #4 is primarily the work of Arnold Hicks. Definitely his pencils, most likely also the majority of the inking." Note also that Simon was editor at Fox at this time, although he did moonlight elsewhere. Based on panel border thickness, this is likely Chesler shop material.
NotesFound on the inside back cover.
Money and Big Prizes
NotesFound on the back cover.
Mechanics You Need This Book- Know! Your Car
NotesFound on the inside front cover.
More Information
Product Name Daring Mystery Comics #4 (1940 Series)
Characters Don Gorman
Series Daring Mystery Comics
Publication Date Apr 30, 1940
Synopsis Edith's brother, a member of the Nazi forces, convinces Edith to keep Trojak out of their invasion attempts, not knowing it's all a plan to capture Trojak.